Steelworks Center of the West Dedicates Steelworks Park


Friday, November 10, 2017:  Parallel to I-25, just west of the historic Pueblo steel mill and north of the Steelworks Museum, the construction of a new Steelworks Park is almost complete.  This outdoor space, which will be open to the community and serve as a stopping point for travelers along I-25, features large artifacts from the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company (CF&I) that include a Davenport Locomotive, two ore cars, 10 and 130 tong ladles, rail rollers, a Karymore merry-go-round, and a life-size bronze sculpture of a steelworker surrounded by interpretive signs, trees, benches gardens and bricks.

visit for more information about Adopt a Garden, Adopt a Bench or brick purchase.


I-25/Ilex DB Pours CML Bridge Deck

After months of hard work, the CML bridge deck pour got underway.  Thanks to CDOT, Atkins Global and Flatirons Construction for being great to work with during this exciting project!

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I-70 Eastbound Peak Period Shoulder Lane Project receives the 2017 Environmental Excellence Award

The Federal Highway Administration (FHA) has recognized Colorado Department of Transportation and its partners for the I-70 Eastbound Peak Period Shoulder Lane Project for Context Sensitive Solutions and awarded the project a 2017 Environmental Excellence Award (EEA). Since 1995, the EEAs have recognized leaders across the country who make outstanding contributions to environmental stewardship and partnerships above and beyond traditional transportation project outcomes. 

In a letter to CDOT, Acting Deputy Administrator for the FHWA, Walter Waidelich Jr., commended the department for its sustainable planning and design"

"The 13-mile 1-70 Eastbound Peak Period Shoulder Lane Project provides an innovative approach to maximizing use of existing highway infrastructure by opening and tolling highway shoulders to ease the peak-period congestion. This system preserves and enhances the community character while respecting the limitations and the beauty of the mountain corridor. Less congestion is expected to reduce worker commute times, enhance the productivity of labor, provide opportunity for low-income workers, and enhance the tourism economy. 

 Specifically, (FHA) recognized CDOT's creativity in shaping effective transportation solutions while preserving the natural environment and enhancing neighboring communities. As the only east­-west interstate across Colorado, Interstate 70 (I-70) is a vital channel for education, employment, medical services, and tourism in the Denver area. The tight mountain corridor through Clear Creek County historically produced debilitating congestion during winter weekends, as travel exceeding 2 hours to travel 8 miles, hindering the prosperity of the region."

THK was instrumental in the success of this project.   For more detailed information on THKs role, please see our project descriptions for PPSL and Waterwheel Park.


THK Featured in LAM Magazine March 2017 Issue


More Than Toys

THK Associates, Inc. was featured in the March 2017 issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine for their innovative use of technology in practice. The article discusses how Jon Altschuld and THK are pushing the industry's capabilities by using drones, 3D printing, virtual reality and acetate overlays for their projects. Pasquinel's Landing Park, the I-25/Cimarron Interchange and the Big Dry Creek Master Plan are all projects showcased in the article.

You can access the Magazine article with a LAM Magazine subscription at their website

Creekside at America The Beautiful Park Awarded the Starburst Award by the Colorado Lottery

The Colorado Lottery Starburst Community Awards recognizes excellence in the use of Lottery proceeds in community projects implemented to enhance a community’s environment. In October of 2016, this award was bestowed to the City of Colorado Springs for their work on the environmental playground at America the Beautiful. From the Colorado Lottery News page on their website, the environmental playground is touted as a “new addition to the park [that] will continue to showcase Colorado’s beauty." This playground does not build a predetermined experience but provides the building block for an adventure!  Every trip to the park is a new and exciting experience.  

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Fish Passage at Clear Springs Ranch

THK Associates, Inc. has been involved with the successful design and installation of a fish passage structure located in the City of Fountain, Colorado.The existing diversion structure was retro-fitted to allow the migration of high plains fish species throughout Fountain Creek, with specific consideration given to the threatened Arkansas Darter and a species of concern, the Flathead Chub. The fish passage structure has been installed and is a great success. The Arkansas Darter and Flathead Chub now have free access to Fountain Creek and are no longer a free meal!

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Concrete Walls - A Work of Art

THK Associates, Inc. involvement with the I-25 / Cimarron Interchange Design-Build Project has been featured in CDOT's January 2016 Enewsletter. The THK Team worked alongside Scott Systems and the public to create a design theme for the bridge abutments that celebrates the adjacent Fountain Creek with characteristic aquatic elements. The concrete panels will be complete and installed adjacent to Fountain Creek in 2017.

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Pasquinel's Landing Park opens S. Platte River to Denver Neighborhood

THK Associates, Inc. is starting the year off right with the completion of Pasquinel’s Landing Park on the South Platte River. The park's design highlights the river's significance by allowing its users to get down right next to the river, giving families easy and safe access to this recreational amenity. 

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