Creekside at America The Beautiful Park Awarded the Starburst Award by the Colorado Lottery

The Colorado Lottery Starburst Community Awards recognizes excellence in the use of Lottery proceeds in community projects implemented to enhance a community’s environment. In October of 2016, this award was bestowed to the City of Colorado Springs for their work on the environmental playground at America the Beautiful. This park project, designed by THK Associates, Inc., began as an expansion of a natural area within the America the Beautiful Park, a major downtown regional park for the City of Colorado Springs. The playground, known as Creekside at America the Beautiful, takes natural elements and creates opportunities for free play. The playground emulates a grove of fallen trees for children to climb on and around, providing an educational opportunity to learn of the natural processes of growth and decay of a forest. No traditional playground equipment was used on this project.  All the elements provided for play were of a natural material, in its natural state.  Large boulders and logs serve as structures and balance beams.  Sand, soil and water become the ingredients for exploration, imagination and experience.  The act of play is the most effective way for kids to learn.  Learning and practicing problem solving, having the ability to change their environment and physical fitness are all positive results of interactive plan.  This area does not build a predetermined experience but provides the building block for an adventure!  Every trip to the park is a new and exciting experience. 


From the Colorado Lottery News page on their website, the environmental playground is touted as a “new addition to the park [that] will continue to showcase Colorado’s beauty."


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