THK Receives the ASLA Colorado Merit Award in Flood Restoration


THK Associates was honored with a 2016 American Society of Landscape Architects Colorado Chapter (ASLA Colorado) Merit Award in the Flood Restoration category for their revegetation and restoration work on Piney Creek.

Due to increased base and flood flows from urban runoff, Piney Creek, located in Centennial, Colorado was in an unstable condition. Among the issues that resulted from the increased flows were accelerated bank and streambed erosion, loss of vegetation and increased sediment deposition in downstream areas.  In 2015, the Piney Creek Restoration and Revegetation Project was implemented to stabilize the stream. The project combined geomorphic solutions and holistic revegetation programs into unique and cohesive design strategies.

The techniques utilized for stabilization included widening the floodplain to reduce flood water depth and velocities, establishing wetland benches, installing appropriate riparian vegetation and natural channel reconstruction techniques.  The combination of these techniques established healthy riparian and upland transitional zones, while increasing the stability of the Creek corridor.  This achieved a sustainable balance between the stream and its urban, developed surroundings.  Today, Piney Creek is a more resilient, safe and sustainable Creek for the community to enjoy.

See the full ASLA award sumission at ASLA's Website here.