Eastman Park South

Eastman Park South

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Windsor, Colorado

Client: Town of Windsor Parks and Recreation Department

THK was contracted by the Town of Windsor to develop a master plan and complete construction documentation for Eastman Park South.  The park is bordered to the north by Cache la Poudre River.  Since 2013, Eastman Park South has had flooding issues because high flows breached an existing berm in the park.  As a result, flood waters have been trapped in the park on multiple occasions causing damage and limiting the usability of the park.

THK conducted several public meetings including an on-site informational session to develop concepts and theming for Eastman Park South.  The result of the public process was the development of a master plan that removed the existing berm, developed natural terraces, restored natural vegetation, added trail opportunities, removed a sediment plug in the Cache la Poudre River and utilized natural vegetation.

THK is currently completing construction documents based on the Master Plan for the park improvements including grading, revegetation and river improvements.  THK is working closely with the client and the US Army Corps of Engineers to complete the documentation.