Historically, design processes have been displayed primarily through the use of plan view (top-down) graphics, with select section, elevation, and perspective drawings. Of these drawing types, perspective drawings are by far the most discernible and easy to understand, but typically take the longest time to produce.  As a result, perspective drawings have typically been reserved for final presentations rather than being integrated into the design process.

THK Associates has been pioneering the use of 3D technologies in the design process for many years. We use 3D technologies in order to quickly design and evaluate multiple design alternatives, and investigate the nuances of each proposed solution.



Our team has the expert knowledge and capabilities, as well as the software, to quickly and efficiently create large-scale 3D models and animations for use throughout the design process. The visualization capabilities that THK possesses allow the design team, the client, and public participants to clearly understand the impacts of proposed designs, and have more insightful and progressive discussions as a result.




Visualization Services include:

  • 3D Modeling and Rendering for Design
  • Live 3D Modeling and Rendering (in-person or virtual meetings)
  • Animated Fly-Through Animations
  • Final Presentation Quality Renderings
  • Photo-Match Renderings
  • Interactive 3D Portals for Clients to Access 3D Models