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city of fountain design guidelines and interstate gateway 

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Fountain, Colorado

Client: Fountain Urban Renewal Authority

The Fountain Urban Renewal Authority retained THK Associates for the assembly of an aesthetic guidelines document for the US 85 Gateway and Olde Town Districts with the goal of fostering economic development.

A robust and transparent community outreach process was executed for this project. Public interaction was accomplished by sharing information at community events held in John Metcalfe Park, an Historic Society Board meeting, an Olde Town Chamber of Commerce evening business event and personal outreach by FURA Board members and at Steering Committee meetings. A project specific page was established through the FURA (Fountain Urban Renewal Authority) website ( and was used as a sharing platform for the community. Through this process, the aesthetic guidance presented throughout the document are uniquely Fountain. The Design Guidelines and Vision document demonstrates aesthetic guidance that will encourage a strong environment for future investment and development. Creating a memorable first impression that unifies the historic character of the City with the social, natural and economic elements that are driving its expansion, is fundamental in establishing a sense of place. Throughout the body of the document, aesthetic guidelines and design recommendations are established for the US 85/I-25 Interchange, the Santa Fe corridor, within the US 85 Gateway District and the Ohio Avenue and Main Street corridors, within the Olde Town District.