Georgetown Gateway

Client: Town of Georgetown

THK Associates was retained in 2002 to facilitate a Gateway Master Plan for the Town of Georgetown. The project limits were approximately three-quarters of a mile of Argentine Street from the I-25 Interchange to Historic Downtown Georgetown. Residents felt the current entry to Georgetown to be very unsightly with typical strip development, allowing vehicular access to adjacent properties in a totally uncontrollable manner. The street currently does not provide any pedestrian facilities or an entry sequence to the town. Residents felt that visitors actually gave up looking for the historic downtown because Argentine Street provides no guidance or direction.

The Master Plan included moving the road 25’ west to accommodate tree lawns, sidewalks and controlled parking. Vehicular access was controlled by creating specific access points between landscape areas. Pedestrians were reintroduced to the street with walks on both sides of the street.

Since the inception of the master plan, THK has continued to assist the Town of Georgetown make the Gateway vision a reality.