John Meade Park Master Plan

John Meade Park and Alan Hutto Memorial Commons Master Plan

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Cherry Hills, Colorado

As the community center of Cherry Hills Village, the John Meade Park and Alan Hutto Memorial Commons Master Plan developed a comprehensive vision for future improvements to this iconic city center.  The Master Plan is intended to guide the design and development of the City of Cherry Hills Village largest and most central park, while incorporating an adjacent parcel of land that was donated to the City to memorialize Alan Hutto.

An in-depth public process including public meetings, online polls, and one-on-one interviews with stakeholders, combined with input from City staff and the Parks, Trails and Recreation Committee resulted in a wealth of input for the project.  The input collected was used to develop a list of goals and objectives that cater to the needs of the community. 

The proposed park improvements will provide users with updated park amenities as well as improved circulation and gathering spaces, including a new playground area, trail system, access to fishing ponds and wetlands, as well as improved vehicular circulation and an amphitheater in the Alan Hutto Memorial Commons parcel.