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Colorado Front Range

Clients: Town of Firestone and Town of Dillon

THK has been working with the Town of Firestone and the Town of Dillon to assist the Planning Department with development plan review and on-call planning services. THK provides aid to the Towns with the capability to handle the amount of plan applications and to provide a team of reviewers who can comprehensively review plans. THK’s work with the municipalities is ongoing.

THK has completed a total of approximately 50 reviews for the municipalities since February 2017. As part of this project, THK is assisting the Towns with a holistic development review process that included:

  • Attending pre-application conferences

  • Bi-weekly development review team meetings Applicant questions and comment coordination

  • Creation of final draft comment memorandums and conditions of approval

  • Coordination of reviews from referral agencies

  • Planning Commission presentations and preparations

  • Applicant coordination for public hearings and approval process

  • Town Board final presentation and staff reports

  • Post-approval review of final Mylars

Our team of 10 Landscape Architects and Planners have diverse expertise and provide a multi-pronged approach to review. As reviewers, THK looks at everything from reviewing the application against the Town’s development regulations to holistically reviewing the plan against pertinent planning criteria to the type of development. We are familiar with the review of site plan context, urban planning standards, landscape plant design and materials, irrigation design and quality, architectural applicability, lighting and safety standards, pedestrian and vehicle circulation and grading practicality.

Since being retained as development plan reviewers, our role has grown to assist the Towns with further planning projects such as economic growth studies, updates to the Town Comprehensive Plan, Development Regulation code improvements, park planning and design and other work with the Parks and Open Space Advisory Board, planning of Town owned land, creation of zoning documents and creation of a park irrigation maintenance manual and irrigation system updates.