U.S Highway 6 and Wadsworth Boulevard

U.S. 6 / Wadsworth Boulevard Interchange

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Lakewood, Colorado

Client: Colorado Department of Transportation, City of Lakewood

THK Associates, Inc. was contracted by CDOT to assist in the landscape and aesthetic redesign of the US 6th and Wadsworth interchange in Lakewood, CO.  This interchange requires extensive redesign to meet the increased vehicular and pedestrian capacity and safety issues in the corridor.

THK is working closely with CDOT, the City of Lakewood and RTD to develop landscape concepts for the proposed medians and interchange quadrants along Wadsworth.  The medians and landscape areas incorporated design elements from other completed medians in the City as well as added identity elements and enhanced this interchange as the “gateway” to the community.  Additional work performed on the project includes irrigation design, environmental mitigation, gulch restoration and reestablishment and aesthetic concepts including custom form liner development.

Over the course of the project, THK has developed landscape and aesthetic concepts, facilitated Project Leadership Team and Technical Team Meetings, prepared and submitted 60% (FIR), 90% (FOR) and 100% (DOR) construction drawings including cost estimates and tabulations for the landscape, irrigation and aesthetic components.

THK’s work on US 6th and Wadsworth is ongoing.  Construction of the interchange complex will be done in phases.  Phase I was completed Fall of 2015.