Old Town Clifton Overlay District and Transportation Circulation Plan

Clifton is the largest unincorporated urban community in Mesa County, Colorado.  The Clifton neighborhood has been transitioning from rural to urban for several decades.  Over time, the area has developed under a wide variety of land development and infrastructure standards and urban environments, e.g., orchards, farms adjacent to multi-family developments, single-family subdivisions with no (or non-contiguous) sidewalks, limited storm water drainage facilities, areas without streetlights, few parks, etc.  The Clifton area includes several historic structures and had its beginnings as orchards next to a railroad, along with a residential community.

THK was hired to review and assist the County in developing a plan to build a sustainable future to be followed as the community grows, develops, and re-develops.  THK was engaged to perform and present a Master Plan Study that would identify appropriate land use, evaluate existing and potential access points, needed infrastructure, design elements, mixed-use zone district standards, design guidelines and recommend redevelopment grant opportunities and strategies.  The Master Plan encompassed regulatory tools addressing: access to buildings, parking and right-of-way, mixed land use, architectural design standards, landscaping, entry features, signage and transportation.

In addition, THK provided an economic market analysis, which included forecasting the need for new residential, commercial, and retail development.  Following this effort, THK prepared a Land-Use Plan, which included mixed-use, multi-family and park/open space.  THK will also develop a new zoning document to include these high-density type land uses.