Pueblo Eastside Greenway

Historic Eastside Greenway

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Pueblo, Colorado

Client: City of Pueblo, Fountain Creek Foundation and Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District

THK Associates, Inc. was selected to develop a greenway master plan for Fountain Creek, the heart of Pueblo. The project area consisted of the stretch of Fountain creek that ran from 8th Street south 2.5 miles to the confluence with the Arkansas River.  The east-side neighborhood of Pueblo reflects a low-income community with an annual average income of $27,000. This area is physically and visually separated from the greater Pueblo area by Interstate 25, the creek, and an existing railroad.  As a result, the east-side neighborhood has not benefited from economic growth and prosperity as have the western neighborhoods. Fountain Creek was an underutilized natural resource, disconnected from the nearby communities to the east. This project created a solution that reclaimed the river and envisioned a community focal point by highlighting neighborhood parks, recreation, community gathering, commercial redevelopment, residential redevelopment, natural open space and education. 

View the Fountain Creek Corridor Restoration Master Plan at: http://www.fountain-crk.org/files/REPORTS/corr_rest_masterplan101811_final.pdf