THK offers the following services:

  • Drone Mapping and Inventory
  • Public Facilitation and Community Visioning
  • Design and Aesthetic Guidelines
  • 3D Modeling and Visualization
  • GIS and Mapping
  • Grant Writing
  • Funding Procurement
  • Non-Profit Planning
  • Comprehensive Planning


  • Project Entitlements
  • Regional and Site Master Planning and Site Analysis
  • Construction Documentation
  • Construction Observation/Administration
  • Flood Resiliency and Restoration
  • Transportation Planning and Design
  • Parks, Open Space, Trails and Greenways Planning and Design
  • Recreation Master Planning
  • Economic Development Planning
Construction Observation using a drone at I-25 and Cimarron Interchange

Construction Observation using a drone at I-25 and Cimarron Interchange

THK is incorporating drone technology into our site data and reconnaissance, construction observation and administration and visualization tool box.

Drone Capabilities Include:

  • Oblique photos and video-high resolution: Capable of producing 4K video
  • Photos taken from a stable gimbal:  There are no vibrations and the drone always stays level
  • Orthorectified photogrammetry:  Capable of stitching images together and correcting for earth's curvature.
  • Orthorectified Imagery:  Capable of shooting images at 1" resolution.
  • Orthorectified 3D kmz: Ability to create 3-D mesh of topography and terrain for use in SketchUp.
  • Additional file outputs: GeoTIFF, DEM, 3D obj
  • Insured and FAA certified.
  • Range of up to 400' above the ground, or 400' above nearby structures/terrain.
  • Distance range: Approximately 3 miles