Riverside Park Master Plan and Final Design

Riverside Park Master Plan and Final Design

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Evans, Colorado

Client: City of Evans

Riverside Park is a 100+ acre regional park that was destroyed by the flood events that ravaged Colorado in September 2013.  The previous park featured baseball fields, multi-use recreation fields, playgrounds, basketball courts, pavilions and a fishing area. 

Historically the floodplain had been separated from the South Platte River by a berm constructed of trash, which breached in 2013, resulting in greater flood damage to the community of Evans. By removing the trash, lowering portions of the Park, and increasing floodplain capacity, THK created the opportunity to restore much of the Park as natural riparian habitat.

Following the approval of the Master Plan, THK was contracted to develop the master planning effort into final design and construction documents.  Currently, the final design of the flood and park improvements are underway and construction documents are anticipated to be complete in November, 2016. 

Final design includes repairing flood damage, removing an existing berm comprised of approximately 70,000 cubic yards of unsuitable soil (trash and waste from a former landfill), restoring approximately 10 acres of floodplain, raising the park road and ball fields to provide future flood resiliency and balancing grading efforts to achieve a no-rise certification in the floodplain.  THK assisted the City of Evans in securing $11 million dollars in funding for design and construction of Riverside Park as well.  Construction in the park will be completed by November, 2017.