Manitou Creek Walk Master Plan and Trail Design

Manitou Creek Walk Master Plan and Trail Design

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Manitou Springs, Colorado

Client: City of Manitou Springs

THK completed the Manitou Springs Creek Walk Master Plan that covers approximately 4 miles of trail. The trail goes through Downtown Manitou Springs and connects the Ute Pass Trail and the Midland Greenway Trail. The Master Plan included visioning, trail alignment alternatives, funding and implementation. The Creek Walk was broken into reaches and THK recommended a toolbox of strategies for each typical section throughout the reaches.

THK completed trail construction documents for aportion of the East Reach in February 2019. At Mayfair Avenue, the Creek Walk will proceed through the Chamber of Commerce’s Visitor Center. The Creek Walk will connect to a new pedestrian bridge that will replace the existing pedestrian bridge north of the Visitor Center. The new bridge will be ADA accessible. The creek walk will then run along the north side of Fountain Creek on the existing trail alignment through Schryver Park and connect to the existing Midland Greenway Trail. ADA accessibility will be provided to Schryver Park and the new ADA parking in front of the pool.